Monthly Archives: October 2021

Reforming a failed bail system

The majority of Americans who are behind bars are not serving a sentence; they’re awaiting trial. Many of these people were arrested for minor drug possession or driving with a suspended license and couldn’t afford bail. Micah Derry of Arnold Ventures, a philanthropy that seeks to minimize social injustices, talks with us about people spending an average of 28 days in jail while awaiting trial on minor misdemeanor charges. And while these people sit in jail, they lose their jobs, face eviction and confront other hardships. Proposed legislation, S.B. 182, would drastically the change the system for the better.

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Critical race theory–a subject of controversy and misinformation

Ohio State University Associate Professor Joni Acuff talks with us about what critical race theory actually is—as opposed to how it’s described by its critics—and gives examples of racial inequality being imbedded in society. The three of us discuss legislative efforts to ban critical race theory. Legislators say they want students to be presented with the facts and make their own decisions, but that’s not what’s really going on. Opponents of critical theory race actually want to suppress what teachers can present in the classroom and don’t want any discussion about racial bias being baked into the system.

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